What Is CBT Therapy?


Cognitive behavioural therapy, or short CBT therapy is a new form of psychotherapeutic treatment that greatly differs from traditional psychotherapy.

The biggest difference to psychotherapy is that CBT therapy is a goal oriented, practical approach for solving problems.

Psychotherapy on the other hand usually isn’t. in traditional psychotherapy, a lot of time is often spent on finding the causes for psychological problems such as childhood trauma or other negative experiences. The philosophy behind cognitive behavioural therapy is simply that solving the problems of patients is a lot more important than finding the causes.

How does CBT therapy work?

One of the principles of CBT is that our thoughts and how we feel and how we act are interconnected. Negative thoughts can trap us in a vicious cycle. The goal of CBT is to overcome problems by thinking about things in a more positive way to improve the way how we feel. For this, problems are normally broken down into smaller parts and the patient shown how changing negative patterns can improve how we feel. Cognitive behavioural therapy doesn’t spend much time on what may or may not have happened in the past but instead is focusing on current problems.

What is CBT therapy useful for?

Cognitive behavioural therapy can help treating mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, phobias, panic disorder, eating disorders, sleeping troubles and many more.

It can also help addressing health conditions that often have psychological causes, such as chronic fatigue or irritable bowel syndrome.

If you happen to live in United Kingdom and want to undergo CBT therapy, there are two ways to go about it. You may get a therapist assigned to you by the NHS, or you can choose a private CBT therapist.

If you go with a private therapist, such as one that you can choose at CBT therapist London, this can have several advantages: you can choose between several therapists so you know you getting one disqualified to solve the problems. Moreover, you will be able to have therapy sessions at a time which is suitable for you and not the other way around.