What is E-Invoicing?

E-Invoicing is to invoicing pretty much what e-mail is compared to postal mail. Simply spoken, it cannot only tremendously speed up your invoicing process but can also help you to save some money.

e-invoicingThe name electronic invoicing might already hint about this, it means that your invoices are being converted into an electronic format.

This happens easily and quickly if you use a third party electronic invoice service.

What you do is that you send your PDF invoices to such a service. You don’t need to worry about anything else, the service will convert your invoice into an electronic format. Likewise, the service will dispatch the electronic invoice where you need it to go to.

For the business owner, one major advantage of electronic invoicing is that it is compatible with any existing invoicing process. The difference is that you will send your invoice by email, rather than mailing it out the old-fashioned way. It means also that you will not have too get any expensive equipment would need any special skills if you want to use e-invoice.

How does E-invoice help you save costs?

Many businesses spend considerable time on processing and managing their invoices. Depending on a company’s size, they may even operate a mailroom only for this purpose. Staff might be working long hours only to transfer data from their paperwork into their accounting systems. Last but not least there are additional expenses for postage.

As you can see, electronic invoicing can save you a lot of time and money.

Shipping Software To Increase Business Efficiency

Many business owners are often not aware that using the right type of software can make a huge difference when it comes to productivity and cost savings.

Certain industries can have rather steep requirements in terms of management and organization.

It is those businesses where specialized software can have a tremendous, positive impact on operations. The import and export business is amongst those industries.

Shipping software and export software can help all those businesses that sell, ship or stock physical goods. In the UK, this is a large percentage of businesses.

The requirements for effective organization and management but also for keeping track and reporting here are especially high. At many stages of operations, from the initial order process to the successful delivery, mistakes can be made but shipping software can help to avoid them.

Modern export software can provide the business with real-time data in regards to the cheapest shipping options and routes. This feature is especially helpful when goods are traded internationally since shipping fee structure are often dynamic and can change on a whim. Export software can always find the most efficient routes and thus helps to save costs.

The shipping industry is one of those trades where timing is everything. A late shipment can prove disastrous when goods are spoiled in transport or when a client would jump off due to a carrier not being reliable.

Shipping software can address those issues. It can find and correct issues with shipments before they have a chance to cause substantial problems.

It is those above points along with many more advantages that makes shipping software and software for managing export documentation an investment that any modern business in the trade should consider.