Business Travel Tips

Business travel, more often than not is not exactly something most of us are looking forward to. If I think about travel I think about jet lag, uncomfortable hotels, language barriers and other unpleasant things.

But in a world that is increasingly global there is simply no way around that we need to travel, whether we like it or not.

Here at you can find a number of helpful travel tips from some of the most successful business people of today. I recommend that you read those tips since they can prove extremely helpful.

Just don’t make the mistake as some people do, they try to avoid travel at all costs. In many cases this can be a big mistake since travel is often what can open up new opportunities, partnerships and relationships.



Business Strategies And Horse Races

Many of my business partners are into golf but what is the more surprising is that a good percentage of them are also taking a liking to horse racing.

Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Tips

I always assumed that from a certain point of view, business and horse racing don’t really go together well.

But last week I had a long talk with Andrew and he convinced me that this is far from the truth. In fact, he showed me what business strategies and successful betting at the horses have in common.

Andrew explained to me that there is not that much a difference between putting a chunk of money into a business and hoping for a return and betting at the races. Both things imply a certain amount of risk and both things can be mastered.

“Horse racing is not entirely a gamble like a lottery”, he told me. “With a lottery you cannot predict the numbers. If you play a lottery you need to rely on your luck only and can’t influence the outcome”.

He said that there are certain strategies that you can apply to win at the horses more often: “I would be a fool if I were just to bet without a system. When I invest in a business I also do my research before I put some money in it. And talking about horse racing, you can do research there too to increase your odds. It’s as simple as that.”

He told me that he got a subscription for horse racing betting and that he only uses those horse racing tips when he goes to the track and never bets just randomly as most other people do.

“This is the difference”, he told me. He said that this is a very smart way to do it since with such a good racing tips subscription he doesn’t really need to spend a lot of time on studying the horses. “Why should I spend time on that if I can get the horse racing tips for a bit of chump change? You see, like in business it’s about making smart decisions and then apply those strategies that work”.

Tip: How To Give A Powerful Speech

If you’re the owner of a company, a CEO or team leader there may come the time where you’ll be expected to give a speech. A simple toast at the next company party may perhaps not be a problem, but what if you’re expected to give an inspiring speech in front of a large audience?

Over at The Business Insider I found some helpful tips for giving a powerful speech that will inspire your audience.

Those tips cover the five essentials that can make it a breeze to give a good speech in various situations. Capture your audience the next time you have the opportunity and give a powerful speech with those tips!

Your Business And Fire Safety

For commercial structures in the United Kingdom there exist rather strict fire safety regulations. If a business owners doesn’t follow¬†the British fire safety regulations it will mean he or she cannot legally operate a business in the UK.

For you as a business owner this brings with it the responsibility to put various fire safety measures in place.

The Ansul Fire Suppression System

The Ansul Fire Suppression System

What are those responsibilities?

You not only need to put in place appropriate fire safety measures which can depend on the type of your business and your commercial building.

In addition to that, you also have the responsibility that those measures are regularly maintained and tested.

You also need to instruct your employees about potential fire risks and must provide fire safety instructions and training as well.

Certain types of businesses can have steeper requirements in regards to fire safety than others. Obviously, some businesses can be at a higher risk of fires due to their nature. Examples of such venues would be kitchens, restaurants, hotels, hospital and so forth.

For commercial kitchens there is an effective fire suppression system available: The Ansul fire suppression system is designed with the specific challenges of commercial kitchens in mind. This is a fire suppression system that can quickly extinguish fires that are often caused by hot kitchen appliances, broilers, hot frying oils and other hazardous substances.

You can learn more about the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system if you visit this site.

In addition to modern and effective fire suppression systems like the Ansul you should also make sure to have a sufficient number of fire alarms and fire extinguishers within your premises. In some cases, such as when you’re the owner of a large building that exceeds a certain height, you may also be required to install a dry riser system in your building.

If you happen to live in or near Exeter in Devon and want to learn more about what you can do for maximum fire safety you should get in contact with a local retailer of fire alarms in Exeter. They can recommend to you the proper fire prevention measures for your business.