What Is CBT Therapy?


Cognitive behavioural therapy, or short CBT therapy is a new form of psychotherapeutic treatment that greatly differs from traditional psychotherapy.

The biggest difference to psychotherapy is that CBT therapy is a goal oriented, practical approach for solving problems.

Psychotherapy on the other hand usually isn’t. in traditional psychotherapy, a lot of time is often spent on finding the causes for psychological problems such as childhood trauma or other negative experiences. The philosophy behind cognitive behavioural therapy is simply that solving the problems of patients is a lot more important than finding the causes.

How does CBT therapy work?

One of the principles of CBT is that our thoughts and how we feel and how we act are interconnected. Negative thoughts can trap us in a vicious cycle. The goal of CBT is to overcome problems by thinking about things in a more positive way to improve the way how we feel. For this, problems are normally broken down into smaller parts and the patient shown how changing negative patterns can improve how we feel. Cognitive behavioural therapy doesn’t spend much time on what may or may not have happened in the past but instead is focusing on current problems.

What is CBT therapy useful for?

Cognitive behavioural therapy can help treating mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, phobias, panic disorder, eating disorders, sleeping troubles and many more.

It can also help addressing health conditions that often have psychological causes, such as chronic fatigue or irritable bowel syndrome.

If you happen to live in United Kingdom and want to undergo CBT therapy, there are two ways to go about it. You may get a therapist assigned to you by the NHS, or you can choose a private CBT therapist.

If you go with a private therapist, such as one that you can choose at CBT therapist London, this can have several advantages: you can choose between several therapists so you know you getting one disqualified to solve the problems. Moreover, you will be able to have therapy sessions at a time which is suitable for you and not the other way around.

Why You Should Consider an Outdoor Fire Detector

Outdoor Fire DetectorAre you a business owner and want to add to the fire safety for your staff premises? You could consider an outdoor fire detector! Find out what outdoor fire detectors are and how they can help make your business a lot safer!

Why You Want an Outdoor Fire Detector

There can be many locations on your business premises where you may want increased fire safety but up until recently didn’t have any real options. Think about parking lots or any type of outdoor space. The problem is that detectors cannot reliably work unless they are installed inside a building. But with an outdoor fire detector can now also reliably monitor locations.

How Do Outdoor Fire Detectors Work?

Outdoor fire detectors are essentially video cameras with built-in software that can spot fires or smoke from what the camera sees. Since they are cameras, you can just use and install them like any other camera and use them for both purposes at the same time for increased home security! The beauty of an outdoor fire detector is that it works 24/7 and can detect fires within seconds. An outdoor fire detector can notify you will alert if it detects a fire, even if you’re not at home. Even better, most modern fire detectors can automatically call the fire brigade in case of a fire, so that your home can be safe and secure even if you are away on vacation or at work.

An outdoor fire detector isn’t just a good option for home owners but can also be ideal for business owners. The outdoor fire detector can for instance also monitor outdoor spaces such as parking lots and can also reliably monitor very large places where you would otherwise need a number of smoke detectors.

What is E-Invoicing?

E-Invoicing is to invoicing pretty much what e-mail is compared to postal mail. Simply spoken, it cannot only tremendously speed up your invoicing process but can also help you to save some money.

e-invoicingThe name electronic invoicing might already hint about this, it means that your invoices are being converted into an electronic format.

This happens easily and quickly if you use a third party electronic invoice service.

What you do is that you send your PDF invoices to such a service. You don’t need to worry about anything else, the service will convert your invoice into an electronic format. Likewise, the service will dispatch the electronic invoice where you need it to go to.

For the business owner, one major advantage of electronic invoicing is that it is compatible with any existing invoicing process. The difference is that you will send your invoice by email, rather than mailing it out the old-fashioned way. It means also that you will not have too get any expensive equipment would need any special skills if you want to use e-invoice.

How does E-invoice help you save costs?

Many businesses spend considerable time on processing and managing their invoices. Depending on a company’s size, they may even operate a mailroom only for this purpose. Staff might be working long hours only to transfer data from their paperwork into their accounting systems. Last but not least there are additional expenses for postage.

As you can see, electronic invoicing can save you a lot of time and money.

Shipping Software To Increase Business Efficiency

Many business owners are often not aware that using the right type of software can make a huge difference when it comes to productivity and cost savings.

Certain industries can have rather steep requirements in terms of management and organization.

It is those businesses where specialized software can have a tremendous, positive impact on operations. The import and export business is amongst those industries.

Shipping software and export software can help all those businesses that sell, ship or stock physical goods. In the UK, this is a large percentage of businesses.

The requirements for effective organization and management but also for keeping track and reporting here are especially high. At many stages of operations, from the initial order process to the successful delivery, mistakes can be made but shipping software can help to avoid them.

Modern export software can provide the business with real-time data in regards to the cheapest shipping options and routes. This feature is especially helpful when goods are traded internationally since shipping fee structure are often dynamic and can change on a whim. Export software can always find the most efficient routes and thus helps to save costs.

The shipping industry is one of those trades where timing is everything. A late shipment can prove disastrous when goods are spoiled in transport or when a client would jump off due to a carrier not being reliable.

Shipping software can address those issues. It can find and correct issues with shipments before they have a chance to cause substantial problems.

It is those above points along with many more advantages that makes shipping software and software for managing export documentation an investment that any modern business in the trade should consider.

George Osborne: School Leavers In The UK “No Brighter Than Retirees”


According to a new study, Britons who are leaving school or university in the UK are no brighter than people on the verge of retirement.

A global league table now revealed that those school leavers between the ages of 18 and 24 in every other nation score higher in literacy and maths as compared to those who left school 50 years previously.

The U.K.’s Chancellor George Osborne is speaking of what he calls an ‘unacceptable skills gap’ in the United Kingdom.

Those news come on the background of a still flat remaining productivity in the UK despite the recent economic growth.

As a result, more people than ever are working today in the United Kingdom, yet they are producing less economic output.

The new numbers suggest that there is a relationship between high skill levels and strong productivity.

In any other country but the United Kingdom, each new generation leaving school has better skills than the previous generation.

Nations where school leavers have higher skills in literacy and maths are better equipped for high skilled jobs in fields such as IT and technology.

Are you looking for a good school in the United Kingdom? Make a smart choice and don’t accept a compromise when it comes to the education of your children!

Business Travel Tips

Business travel, more often than not is not exactly something most of us are looking forward to. If I think about travel I think about jet lag, uncomfortable hotels, language barriers and other unpleasant things.

But in a world that is increasingly global there is simply no way around that we need to travel, whether we like it or not.

Here at http://www.businessinsider.com/successful-people-share-best-travel-tips-2014-8 you can find a number of helpful travel tips from some of the most successful business people of today. I recommend that you read those tips since they can prove extremely helpful.

Just don’t make the mistake as some people do, they try to avoid travel at all costs. In many cases this can be a big mistake since travel is often what can open up new opportunities, partnerships and relationships.



Business Strategies And Horse Races

Many of my business partners are into golf but what is the more surprising is that a good percentage of them are also taking a liking to horse racing.

Horse Racing Tips

Horse Racing Tips

I always assumed that from a certain point of view, business and horse racing don’t really go together well.

But last week I had a long talk with Andrew and he convinced me that this is far from the truth. In fact, he showed me what business strategies and successful betting at the horses have in common.

Andrew explained to me that there is not that much a difference between putting a chunk of money into a business and hoping for a return and betting at the races. Both things imply a certain amount of risk and both things can be mastered.

“Horse racing is not entirely a gamble like a lottery”, he told me. “With a lottery you cannot predict the numbers. If you play a lottery you need to rely on your luck only and can’t influence the outcome”.

He said that there are certain strategies that you can apply to win at the horses more often: “I would be a fool if I were just to bet without a system. When I invest in a business I also do my research before I put some money in it. And talking about horse racing, you can do research there too to increase your odds. It’s as simple as that.”

He told me that he got a subscription for horse racing betting and that he only uses those horse racing tips when he goes to the track and never bets just randomly as most other people do.

“This is the difference”, he told me. He said that this is a very smart way to do it since with such a good racing tips subscription he doesn’t really need to spend a lot of time on studying the horses. “Why should I spend time on that if I can get the horse racing tips for a bit of chump change? You see, like in business it’s about making smart decisions and then apply those strategies that work”.

Tip: How To Give A Powerful Speech

If you’re the owner of a company, a CEO or team leader there may come the time where you’ll be expected to give a speech. A simple toast at the next company party may perhaps not be a problem, but what if you’re expected to give an inspiring speech in front of a large audience?

Over at The Business Insider I found some helpful tips for giving a powerful speech that will inspire your audience.

Those tips cover the five essentials that can make it a breeze to give a good speech in various situations. Capture your audience the next time you have the opportunity and give a powerful speech with those tips!

Your Business And Fire Safety

For commercial structures in the United Kingdom there exist rather strict fire safety regulations. If a business owners doesn’t follow the British fire safety regulations it will mean he or she cannot legally operate a business in the UK.

For you as a business owner this brings with it the responsibility to put various fire safety measures in place.

The Ansul Fire Suppression System

The Ansul Fire Suppression System

What are those responsibilities?

You not only need to put in place appropriate fire safety measures which can depend on the type of your business and your commercial building.

In addition to that, you also have the responsibility that those measures are regularly maintained and tested.

You also need to instruct your employees about potential fire risks and must provide fire safety instructions and training as well.

Certain types of businesses can have steeper requirements in regards to fire safety than others. Obviously, some businesses can be at a higher risk of fires due to their nature. Examples of such venues would be kitchens, restaurants, hotels, hospital and so forth.

For commercial kitchens there is an effective fire suppression system available: The Ansul fire suppression system is designed with the specific challenges of commercial kitchens in mind. This is a fire suppression system that can quickly extinguish fires that are often caused by hot kitchen appliances, broilers, hot frying oils and other hazardous substances.

You can learn more about the Ansul kitchen fire suppression system if you visit this site.

In addition to modern and effective fire suppression systems like the Ansul you should also make sure to have a sufficient number of fire alarms and fire extinguishers within your premises. In some cases, such as when you’re the owner of a large building that exceeds a certain height, you may also be required to install a dry riser system in your building.

If you happen to live in or near Exeter in Devon and want to learn more about what you can do for maximum fire safety you should get in contact with a local retailer of fire alarms in Exeter. They can recommend to you the proper fire prevention measures for your business.